Say Hello to an Easier Way to Manage Your Real Estate Transactions

Are you tired of the traditional way your brokerage firm’s real estate transactions are being processed? Do you want a more effective way to manage the documents and stop wasting time chasing after paperwork or wading through numerous emails? If you are looking for a way to improve how your firm processes the transactions, you should consider real estate software that is designed to streamline your company. An effective way to manage the transactions online and allows you to have access to vital documents from anywhere you are located.

Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based Program 

* The information is stored in a central location that you can access via the internet.
* You control who has access to the data and provides a secure way to store your information.
* Real estate software allows you to share documents with your agents easily.
* You can review their transaction files and monitor their activity by recorded logs.
* Speeds up the process of accessing or delivering documents.
* The ability to flag documents or tasks that need your agent’s immediate attention.
* Easier to audit the transactions to ensure everything is completed correctly.
* Reduce cost for your firm with unlimited storage.

Reduce Liability by Eliminating the Risk of a Vital Mistake

Often in the real estate industry legal issues occur due to an error being made with the transaction. These mistakes can be easily overlooked with the number of documents that require your attention each day. Whether the paperwork was lost while being faxed or an email was never received. Reesio eliminates this risk by providing a cloud-based software that lets you organize the workflow of your firm. An easier way to track a transaction or a task that needs to be completed to let you stay on top of a heavy workload that can be time-consuming.

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