Self Storage Units Can Be Safer Than Home storage

Many homeowners take advantage of self storage in York, PA when belongings begin to clog their garages or attics. This can free up a lot of room and make it a lot easier to get to belongings they use often. It is a great alternative to throwing away rarely-used items that still have value.

Some homeowners can have a problem with self storage in York, PA because they somehow feel that their items will not be as safe. Some of this is due to the fact that the items are away from home, and some people feel that they are more easily able to guard items that are in the proximity of the home. Others wonder about the security of items that are in units where people are not often around. Many self storage units have addressed these issues, and provide storage options that can be safer than keeping those items at home.

In order to make locations for self storage in York, PA secure, many locations offer completely fenced in areas where exits are controlled by a security guard. Others have similar arrangements, replacing the guard with a key coded entrance, or one that requires coded entry cards. This serves well to keep unauthorized people from access to the storage facility.

The designs for self storage York, PA are often safer than a garage as well. Cinder blocks form the outer walls and the ceiling is often corrugated steel. The access door is also steel and is generally secured in a steel channel cut into the walls. All of this is secured with a Discus padlock that cannot be broken, sledgehammered, or opened with bolt cutters. These measures are generally more secure than most homes and garages.

Finally, the self storage option can make homes more secure. If cars are parked in garages when they otherwise would not if those garages were full, do not need to be parked in the driveway or on the streets. This keeps them safer from vandalism, and in the case of street parking, safer from sideswipe collisions. It also keeps them safe from roving gangs engaging in car window breaking for kicks.

Garages full of items make more likely targets for thieves as well. In middle-class and richer neighborhoods, thieves often case the area to find the most likely and lucrative targets. Robbing a home with many items can be seen as opportunistic as robbing a warehouse.

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