Should You Hire Guards or Use Closed-Circuit T.V.?

Some businesses and companies resort to using cameras and closed-circuit television as a tool to prevent theft or vandalism, as well as to monitor employees in industrial settings. A few do this as a mere scarecrow tactic and use the cameras as props without monitoring or even recording. This can be helpful to some degree, but isn’t likely to prevent seasoned thieves or vandals who will merely take the presence of a camera into account and accommodate it by wearing masks or fleeing the scene before police arrive.

Most businesses who have cameras on site, of course, do not use them as mere props, but are somewhat active in monitoring activity and recording events. One of the best ways security companies in Orange County can use CCTV monitoring is to keep employees in light industrial or factory settings, as well as in retail stores, accountable. Safety violations can be recorded and used as evidence if injuries occur. Employee theft can also be discovered and criminal charges, as well as termination, can be filed with back-up video evidence.

But CCTV cameras do not work in all settings unless there is an additional component, namely, the active vigilance of guards from security companies in Orange County to monitor the video, as well as to be an active presence on site in addition to the cameras.

If criminals are aware of cameras, they can easily take measures in order to prevent being caught when guards from security companies in Orange County are not present. Materials from construction sites can be stolen, property can be vandalized, and other criminal activities can occur under disguise, wearing masks, and obscuring license plates, which makes any activity recorded by a camera worthless. Even if cameras are being monitored remotely, thieves and vandals can easily strike and be gone before authorities arrive on the scene.

It’s often necessary to use both a CCTV system and active, vigilant, on-site guards from licensed security companies in Orange County in order to protect assets and investments. A real live person can prevent theft, burglary, or vandalism while a camera system helps to document all activity. Moreover, a security guard who is watchful and present is far more of a deterrent to criminal activity than merely having a camera situated somewhere on site.

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