Social Security Attorney In Hammond – Income Limits For Social Security

If you have applied for Social Security but have been turned down, you may have to take up your case with a Social Security attorney in Hammond. A Social Security attorney in Hammond will know everything there is to know about this kind of benefit and therefore, will be able to answer any questions you have. If you have been wrongly dismissed, the attorney can represent you so that you get a second shot at winning compensation. However, before you contact a Social Security attorney in Hammond, you need to learn the limits relating to how much money you can earn in order to receive these funds.

Social Security Attorney In Hammond – Time Frames

There will be certain time frames to consider when you apply for Social Security and by brushing up your knowledge on this with a Social Security attorney in Hammond; you can prevent wasted time and disappointments. Based on when you were born, the time frame in which you are able to receive these benefits will differ. Anyone who was born in the years between 1943 and 1955 will need to wait until they are 66 years old to apply for benefits. This is the retirement age in this time frame, whereas the retirement age for people born in the year 1960 and onwards will be 67 years old.

Social Security Attorney In Hammond – Earning Limits

You need to bear in mind your financial situation and whether you are self-employed or employed by a business or organization. For self-employed people, a Social Security attorney in Hammond can help you to calculate your net earnings, which will contribute toward the earning limits. On the other hand, individuals who have gained employment through someone else will merely need to focus on the wages earned to determine their Social Security earning limits.

Social Security Attorney In Hammond – Are Your Benefits Taxable?

Although you will need the funds from Social Security to live comfortably after a change in your life, due to old age or disability, it is possible that the money you receive will be taxable. You need to discuss this thoroughly with a Social Security attorney in Hammond because under or overpayment of taxes might leave you in a state of financial worry. Your gross income should be added up, as well as any benefits you have received and any nontaxable interest. The figure you get will be your total income and once you know this amount, you need to ask the attorney about the base amount for your circumstances. Use the base amount and compare it to your earnings to determine if you must pay taxes.



If you discover that your combined income is less than the base amount, you will not be taxed on your benefits so to outline your situation and avoid problems, speak with a Social Security attorney in Hammond. Hire an experienced attorney by visiting

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