SSDI Monticello NY Benefits For The Injured

by | Jun 6, 2013 | legal

Everyday people all around the world are hurt while working or are hurt and unable to work. It is a fact of life that many people unexpectedly have to deal with. Thankfully there are programs out there that are made to protect those that have been injured and are unable to work. These are government programs in place, like SSDI Monticello NY that can help make ends meet when a person is no longer able to work.

To qualify for social security disability benefits, a person must have had a steady job before they were injured. There must be an adequate work history. The person must be injured or hurt in a manner that will keep them from working for at least twelve months, or that will result in their death. Medical conditions can also qualify for a person for this program. Most people think that an injury or illness that would lead to them not being able to work will never happen to them. The scary truth is that statistics and studies show that three out of every ten people will have this happen to them at some point in their life.

Qualifying for SSDI Monticello NY can be hard. There are many safety measures in place that are meant to detect fraud. Unfortunately this can mean that people who really are disabled get red flagged and caught up in red tape. Even though they are seriously hurt or sick, they do not get approved. This is where a lawyer or attorney can come in and save the day. A professional knows how the law works, can evaluate a person’s disability, and give their professional advice and opinion on if a person should qualify for SSDI. If they feel that a person is injured or sick and should qualify, they will work hard until that person has been approved for benefits.

Another program that may be able to help is workers compensation. This program is designed for people who were hurt while on the job. Those that got hurt lifting heavy boxers, got cut on machinery, got burned while working in a kitchen, or were injured in any other way while at their place of work.

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