Sterile Sodium Chloride Injections!

The sodium chloride injection, or 0.9% sodium chloride, is a sterile solution that is nonpyrogenic. It is used by individuals to replenish electrolyte and body fluid, as well as for research purposes. This product may be used intravenously or through injection forms, depending on the uses. It doesn’t contain any antimicrobial agents and has a pH level of 5.5.

Some of its features and composition, along with its ionic absorption and other information include:

* 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection
* 308 mOmosl/L Osmolarity
* 154 mEq/L sodium
* 154 mEq/L chloride

Because it is a valued source of water and electrolytes, 0.9% sodium chloride has the capability of acting as a diuretic, which can be used in patients to relieve a variety of medical conditions and the water weight gain that comes with them.

At Pro Peptides, we offer this product in assorted vials, giving each individual the opportunity to order it in quantities that best suit their purposes. We guarantee all of our products through the shipment process, as well as after it has been delivered into your hands. Our 0.9% sodium chloride comes ready to mix and use.

Environmentally Conscious and Safe

For those who are environmentally conscious, upon in-depth evaluation and assessment, this sodium chloride product has been found environmentally-safe since it has also been tested to confirm any biological danger with no negative impact. The container is closed and sealed prior to delivery to facilitate any draining while in transit.

Dosage and Warning

The dosage of this product depends on the patient’s age, condition and weight. Another prerequisite for dosage is the lab determinations. This parenteral drug needs visual inspection for any discoloration or particle matter prior to administration. If solution is not clear or the package not sealed, we encourage you to return it to us for a replacement. This is why we offer a full guarantee on all our products. The injections should be administered with sterile equipment. Any incompatible additives shouldn’t be used. If additives are introduced, mix carefully, but do not store solutions after mixing with any additives. Minimize any exposure to heat. It is suggested that you store the product at a specific temperature: ideally about 25°C/77°F. Special care should be taken when drug is being administered to patients with congenital heart failure, chronic renal deficiency and edema when there is a high likelihood of the retention of sodium.

Opening the Container

All of our 0.9% sodium chloride comes packaged in premeasured vials so there is no measuring required. Simply combine the solution with the appropriate amount of sterile water, and it is ready to administer to the patient or the test subject. Upon mixing the solution, it should be used immediately. Any left-over amounts should be properly discarded

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