Relaxing In & Around Bend Oregon

Oregon is an active playground. Yet, this does not mean it is devoid of relaxation. It does not mean the area lacks less strenuous pursuits. When you sign up for vacation home rentals in Bend Oregon, you can relax and let your inner self dictate the pace.

Deschutes River

Fishing is a relaxing way to spend the day. Cast your fly into the waters of the Deschutes River and wait for the trout to bite. Cast from the shore or hire a boat. Vacation rental homes are the ideal starting point for this pleasurable event as well as for some that are a little more strenuous – such as walking in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Three Sisters Wilderness

Some may go hiking with a vengeance. But not all hikes need be intense. It does not have to be serious. If you enjoy long walks amidst beautiful scenery, head here. Awaken your soul by wandering along the scenic wilderness trails or through the Alpine meadows of the Three Sisters Wilderness lying within the Cascade Range.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument

About one million years ago, Newberry Volcano erupted, sending lava flowing in all directions. Today, you can see some of these flows in the canyon. They are responsible for forming the high cliffs lining the canyon sides in which Lake Billy Chinook. The area showcases such marvelous natural formations as lava tubes, cinder cones and obsidian flows of a dark glassy hue. In Newberry National Volcanic Monument, you can walk along the floors of a lava cast forest.

If you like caves but do not spelunk, head to Lava Butte Cave. It is part of Lava Butte, near the Newberry Volcanic Monument. A flashlight is all you will need to explore them.

The High Desert Museum

If you like to learn about the region’s flora, fauna and geology, you need only leave Bend Oregon and drive about one hour up the highway. The destination is the unique High Desert Museum. Covering 150 acres, this museum combines interactive displays with demonstrations and standard exhibits. The actual exhibits cover 25 acres and lie along a mile-long trail. You wander by and over a trout stream, porcupine dens and otter ponds. Here and there are dotted interpretive displays of historic frontier life and local industries of the region e.g. saw mills.

Available for viewing are turkey vultures, hawks, lynx, bobcats, otters and eagles together with information on how they are specifically designed to survive the climate and environment in which they live. The site also has an 1880s town and ranch as well as stagecoach. Do not ignore the historic display of the journey of the natives of the Columbia River Plateau from their times placed on reservations to the present.

Whether you are an active hiker and adventurer or simply like to enjoy the wilderness, consider the advantages of vacation home rentals in Bend Oregon. The mountains and canyons beckon equally to those who love a challenge and to those who prefer to relax. If you have a family who fits into both categories, this is the ideal answer to the problem of making everybody happy.

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