Tackling Water Purity In Southeast Asia With A Water Filter Cartridge Malaysia

Water quality in certain parts of Southeast Asia is poor, to tackle this problem the use of a water filter cartridge in  Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand etc. has been put into practice.

The highest standards for the quality of drinking water are those set by the USEPA, the United Nations WHO and the European Union. By looking at these nations and organizations you can perhaps immediately identify the problems in SE Asia; the lack of financial resources. This is only one of the issues that are being addressed by water filter cartridge Malaysia. In the developed nations any and all primary requirements relating to health issues and considered as mandatory by the regulators, it is only the aesthetics of the water that are considered secondary in nature. The USEPA even goes so far as to make mandatory, issues that cannot and never will be attained. As an example the USEPA demands that all carcinogens are given a zero tolerance rating, knowing full well that zero is impossible to ever achieve.

Large scale centralized treatment and distribution is the best solution. Unfortunately this is often not the case in South and Southeast Asia. Often the water supply is from groundwater, lakes and rivers. These sources are often contaminated by surface borne contaminates such as mud and dirt but even worse, contamination from animal and human waste. In rural areas outbreaks of disease directly related to contaminated water are far too frequent, causing untold illness and death. It is these issues that are most important to water filter cartridge in Malaysia for use in combating these problems that do have solutions.

When one considers the delivery of safe potable water in the developed world, one thinks of a shiny chrome plated tap. You turn it on and out comes a perfectly acceptable product; for this to happen there has to an infrastructure of treatment plants and piping systems delivering straight to the consumer. This is far from the way it is in third world countries. By accepted definition, the object of the exercise is to deliver 20 liters of potable water per inhabitant per day to within one mile of his home. This is indicative of wells, where filtration can be employed at the source. Water filter cartridge Malaysia has developed low cost filtration systems to address this problem.

Unfortunately, rivers and streams are more difficult to control by filtration at the point of access. Water is drawn from any convenient point on the stream or lake. In situations like this tablet chlorinators are about the only solution. Simple sand filters and mat filters can be used to separate the larger particulate, then up to 10,000 gallons of this filtered water can be treated by chlorine which kills typhoid, hepatitis and cholera. These are all ways that water filter cartridge Malaysia are focusing on the problems of third world water problems.

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