Halting Wage Garnishment and Restoring Justice to Your Paycheck

In your everyday life as a career professional you may sometimes stumble upon the fact, the heartbreaking truth that your paycheck is being garnished in favor of those numerous debts you have owed in the past. Don’t worry because a lot of people experience this kind of problem every day, you’re no exception to them. And in addition to all the problems in life that you really have to deal with time and again, you may also worry so much about how you could come up with paying your mortgage, food expenses, or even your energy bills. Wage Garnishment, especially in Nashville can easily be eradicated especially if you know how to keep track of your debts and pay them on time; that way, you never get flustered or frustrated the moment you receive your clean slate of a paycheck. So when people are in that stage when these common problems strike, the very first question would be how to halt these mishaps. First, to find a good solution to these types of problems, you may want to seek help from a qualified legal aid or attorney. Before you go on planning to get one, you may want to understand first of all what garnishment means in order for you to avoid it in the future.

A garnishment usually takes place when a creditor files a law suit against a particular debtor and eventually obtains a judgment. There are two forms of garnishing wages: one is that, when a judgment is honored, it’s up to the creditor by that time to garnish the wages or perhaps place a levy on a debtor’s bank account. The thing is that the creditor should choose one option, and he or she cannot exercise both at one time.

The good thing is that there are many ways to put a stop to Wage Garnishment, even in Nashville. Choices for stopping a garnishment may include official filing of a debtor for bankruptcy, although other methods include threatening the act or automatically freezing a bank account without getting judgment directly from the debtor. In this case, the creditor has violated the consumer protection laws which also include the Fair Debt Protection Act. And if a creditor has made threats to garnish away wages or even freeze your own bank account without informing you or getting a judgment, then a consumer protection attorney may help a lot. As for the two kinds of garnishing wages, most people experience levying. There are those state codes that limit the amount of money which can be derived based on the annual income of a person. Most of the time, almost a quarter of a person’s net earnings can be chomped off per pay period until the limit is then reached. There are so many ways to halt garnishment, but in the end, you should also be wise to avoid financial potholes such as these.


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