Teeth Whitening and How You Can it Done

Who wouldn’t want a perfect, dazzling set of pearly whites? A confident smile does wonders for a person in both personal and professional life. With the passage of time, teeth tend to get discolored and there are various reasons for it. Certain medications, excessive smoking, drinking tea or coffee, and chemicals present in some types of food can contribute to discolored teeth. Even if one follows a strict oral hygiene regime, he cannot stop the discoloration of teeth over time. This is where teeth whitening products and procedures step in. You can regain a beautiful, sparkling smile and your lost confidence by undergoing teeth whitening.

Visit a reliable cosmetic dental clinic and have a consultation with a dentist who will examine the condition of your teeth and suggest which is the best teeth whitening option for you. There are different ways by which teeth can be whitened. You can do at home, have it done professionally at a dental clinic, use over the counter dental whitening products, use whitening toothpastes or opt for laser whitening.

In-office whitening is a quick and safe way to get perfectly white teeth. Within an hour you will have a set of pearly whites. The procedure involves the application of carbamide peroxide to the teeth. Bleaching products usually contain this chemical. A special lamp or laser beams might also be used by the dentist to hasten this process.

Teeth whitening at home is also widely preferred by many people. Cosmetic dentists will prepare and provide you customized bleaching trays to use at home. A whitening solution will need to be poured into the trays which you have to wear for an hour everyday. Daily treatment is required as per the instruction of your dentist. Results can be seen soon after the first day.

Over the counter whitening products are available in any chemist, druggist or medical departmental store. Be careful though, don’t just walk in and pick up the least expensive item on the shelf or one that someone recommended. Always ask your dentist before you use any of these products. He will be able to tell which one will be suitable for you.

People also use whitening toothpastes and other alternatives that gradually help in bringing back the color of their teeth. You must also take care to follow your dentists advise and steer clear of activities that could damage or discolor the recently whitened teeth. So don’t think twice before you step in for teeth whitening. Virginia Beach has thousands of people opting for this procedure and they are extremely happy with the results. So are you next?

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