The benefits of helicopter charter

Helicopter charter in NYC has many advantages for a corporation and its executives as well as advantages for those pursuing leisure travels. Corporations in particular can benefit greatly by considering helicopter travel as part of their trip planning.

Corporations today are no longer static, with head office, manufacturing, R&D, sales etc all in the same location. Corporation’s today take full advantage of the globe, business is happening everywhere. An IT company may do its R&D in Silicon Valley, manufacturing in various parts of the world including the Far East, marketing and sales may be headquartered in NYC and the call center which assists the customers may be in India or the Philippines. With this being the case, executives who travel to these global locations must attempt to maximize on their time and scheduling the trips based on the arrivals and departures from major airports is not the best use of time.

There are few major centers of excellence anymore that do not have helicopter charter services at or near the major airport. If you’re flying from head office you can arrange a helicopter charter in NYC from Manhattan to JFK and then upon arrival in Tokyo, you can arrange a chartered helicopter to take you from Narita airport to the factory. If you’re travelling within the country, short interstate trips can all be done by helicopter, totally eliminating any issues that arise when you are driving.

Time is one thing, impression is something else again. If you are in the business of selling high end real estate nothing impresses a potential buyer more than being shown around the property in a helicopter. Helicopters are synonymous with wealth and success and there is no better way to show your client that you are successful and that you should be their vendor, than to charter a helicopter for the property evaluation.

Often a corporation is launching a new product in major cities across the country; every day the same product introduction is given as you hop-scotch from one side of the country to the other. To make this possible nothing works better than to use a helicopter which is standing by to whisk you and the demo material quickly from venue to venue.

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