The Best Cpanel Dedicated Hosting Services

Cpanel dedicated hosting – is the number one hosting solution for websites with high traffic. Like the name suggests, when you host your site with a dedicated hosting plan, a whole dedicated server is reserved for your website. You have full control over which operating system to use, which Internet security software to install, how much RAM to have and all other settings. If you want to have a second “cyber computer” to host your site, an original dedicated server is your choice. 1. HostingZoomHostingZoom is one of the most trusted dedicated hosting providers in the world.

Unlike other hosting providers, HostingZoom does not trade quality for cheap price. They only offer the best hardware to ensure the highest service quality. If you are looking for a top notch dedicated server provider, you should pick HostingZoom. Their plans are very affordable and come with a 30-day money back guarantee policy. 2. Acenet Acenet is the top choice for people who want to get the best bang for their bucks. Rates start at $139.95 a month and you could upgrade your plan anytime to meet your needs. For $139.95 per month, you will get 1TB HDD and 16GB RAM. They offer many different hardware configurations for customers to choose, such as Pentium Dual Core, Quad Core, Xeon Quad Core and Dual Quad Xeon CPUs. There are also two types of servers to choose from: pre-built and custom servers.

They also offer a wide range of add-on services to help webmasters manage their websites effectively, such as the System Administration Assistance service which is priced at $69.95 per month and Rapid-Response Monitoring which is priced at $29.95 per month. Above are two best dedicated hosting providers in the industry. Cpanel dedicated hosting are perfect for businesses and websites which receive a lot of traffic daily.

You should check with each hosting provider to know if they offer any promotion at the moment or not. Chances are, if they are having a promotion, you could save a lot of money on your dedicated hosting package. Most hosting providers offer a money back guarantee policy, so you don’t need to worry much about losing money when trying a service out.

You may have to try different hosting providers before you could pick your favorite one and trust your website’s data with that one.

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