The Different Fees a Car Accident Attorney in Granite City, IL 62040 Might Charge You

What kind of fee arrangement you set up with the Car Accident Attorney Granite City IL 62040 that you hire directly impacts how much money you end up paying for their services. For a lot of people, it directly impacts whether or not they can even hire them as legal representation in the first place. Legal fees you end up paying for a lawyer depend on a number of different things including how much time they have to spend on your case; the lawyer’s experience; the lawyer’s reputation; the difficulty of the case; and the costs involved in handling the case.

Consultation Fee
Consultation fees are not common when you reach out to a law firm such as Brunton Law Offices to find out whether or not they would represent your automobile accident case. However, it is still a good idea to find out whether or not the law firm you are reaching out to charges a fixed fee or hourly rate for the first meeting with them. It is more common for a lawyer not to charge a consultation fee, so you should just look for another option if you come across a lawyer that wants to charge you one.

Contingency Fee
Contingency fees are extremely common when dealing with vehicle related cases. A contingency fee just means that a lawyer only has to be paid for their services if they win your case. If the lawyer does not win your case, you only have to worry about paying any of the expenses. You should keep in mind that lawyers who work on contingency fees tend to be pickier about what cases they are willing to take.

Flat Fee
A flat fee is something a lawyer is only going to charge if they are 100 percent sure how your case is going to go and roughly how long it is going to take. Lawyers do not charge flat fees if they think a case will eat up a lot of their time.

Lawyers that do not charge contingency fees or flat fees are going to charge you an hourly rate. It is not uncommon for a lawyer to charge $100 or $200 per hour. Hourly rates are dangerous to commit to if you have no idea how long your case might take. Visit for more details.

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