The DMDC and Loans for Military Members

The DMDC, or the Defense Manpower Data Center, is a division of the Department of Defense to assist lenders who need to determine if a person is currently on active military duty.  The DMDC serves an important role both in protecting lenders in the Untied States and in protecting military members for a number of reasons. Now with the DMDC those who are looking to give out a loan can access a data center online and insert the borrower’s name and social security number or other information to determine if he is currently in the military.

This is important because the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act accords active military members  certain benefits when applying for and holding a loan and the DMDC makes sure that those who are in the military get these benefits and those who aren’t are not trying to get the benefits for their own. With this act, it has now become easier for military members to get mortgage loans at lower rates so that they may more easily own a home, there are also other benefits that make getting loans for a number of reasons, easier and more affordable. There are also interest caps that have been put in place specifically for military individuals to take advantage of. With the DMDC, any lender can log online to find out if the borrower they are dealing with is truly a current active military member.

There are other reasons to take advantage of the information that this data center offers as well. As many lenders know current active military members have certain protection against foreclosure. Most mortgage services will take the time to look for the official military affidavit or non-military affidavit proving a person is not in the military, before they go forth with foreclosure proceedings. This will help keep lenders from violating the protective provisions put in place for current serving military members so they can make sure they have the legal information that they are looking for.

In order to access this information a lender, whether looking for go forth with foreclosure proceedings or attempting to provide an individual with a loan, will need to simply go online. The easiest way to do this is to directly access the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service. With or without the borrower’s social security number, or alternatively, with the borrower’s date of birth, addresses, and known relatives, they can easily look to see if this individual is in fact an active member of the military and get the papers that are needed in order to prove a person is currently serving in the United States military. With these services, lenders have found it is far easier to make the types of decisions they need to make regarding loans and today’s military service members.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service is a division of D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. provides DMDC – a facility that keeps data on military personnel.


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