The Importance of Staying Strong in your Faith

One of the greatest challenges we can all face as Christians is staying strong in our faith during times of trouble. Ironically we can also tend to stop worrying about God if suddenly our lives are on an upswing. Bishop E Bernard Jordan knows that maintaining a faith that is strong will help you also maintain a balance in life.

Faith is something that cannot be turned on and off. Faith requires effort and practice in order to remain strong. It is very easy to have everything you need in life and decide you no longer need God. For some people this is a conscious decision whereas for others it is a gradual distancing of God slowing down in prayer and leading life with kindness and love. However it is important to always be cognizant of the fact that the gifts you have today are thanks to God and when your faith becomes less important you will forget the importance of being grateful. Faith is not a rainy day friend. It must be with you in good times and bad which will make the bad times less difficult and the good times sweeter.

Just as people reach their happy spot in life and begin to pray less and less because they no longer need as much from God, some people feel their faith falter when things do not seem to be going right. Faith is what helps you get through bad times and it is hard not to see it falter when faced with difficulties. However you must hold onto your resolve and the belief that God is still listening and wants you to be happy. Faith helps provide a guiding light through difficult times and prayer and devotions help you stay true to your faith and trust God’s love will help you through the trials.

Bishop E Bernard Jordan is always there to assist Christians find ways to remain strong in their faith and improve their relationship with God. Through Christian prophecies you will be provided with important information you can use to come closer to God and bear witness to his kindness and power to provide. With unwavering faith life is sweeter, more hopeful and never completely filled with darkness.

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