The Laws That Govern Disability Benefits Arizona

There are many ways that a person can become disabled and no longer have the ability to hold down a job. No matter the reason for the disability, it is necessary for these individuals to apply for and collect social security to replace this income. But they are often refused benefits and left with no way to pay their bills. For these people it is important to understand the rules and regulations that govern disability benefits Arizona. Knowing the laws of the state will help them to be successful and get their application approved.


When you are applying for disability benefits arizona there are some basic eligibility requirements that must be met. You should be insured by the social security disability program. The agency will check to ensure that you have worked enough to get disability benefits. This means that you should have held a job that took out enough social security from each paycheck to be eligible for the benefits. The second requirement that you must meet is the fact that you are disabled. The social security administration will look at the disability that you have listed on the application. They will then determine if you are eligible to get disability based on five points that they use to make this decision.

The Application Process

The process of applying for disability benefits arizona is one that can take some time. First the you will place the initial application with the social security administration. If you are denied at this stage you can submit a request for reconsideration. When you do, the committee will take a second look at the application and determine if you are eligible for benefits. If you are denied again you can request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. This judge will look over the application and make a determination of disability. If you are once again denied you can then ask for an appeal. However, the appeals council most often will rule in favor of the Administrative law Judge. It is a good idea to hire an attorney who can get you through this process.

Getting a Lawyer

Most claims that are submitted to the social security administration are denied. The easiest way to get disability benefits arizona approved is to get a lawyer. They know the laws that are written on this subject. As such they will know how to best go about getting the claim approved. Claimants that have the help of an attorney will most often be approved for disability benefits. Claimants that do not hire a lawyer do not get disability benefits. This is why it is so important to hire a professional to help you get disability benefits arizona.

Applying for disability benefits is a frustrating process. That is why so many people choose to hire an attorney to get them through the process. For more information on a disability benefits arizona attorney visit

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