The Main Attributes of a Successful Pop Vocalist

The universe of pop music is colorful and vibrant. It gives us more than enough freedom of choice, while giving artists the opportunity to make the most of their slice of fortune and fame. But what are the particularities managing to separate the unforgettable legends from the performers whose glory fades away so fast and unexpectedly? In other words, how come a certain pop vocalist succeeds in launching catchy and almost addictive songs, while others just make us turn off the radio? Here are three main attributes defining the truly successful artists in this branch.

Exploration of Personality. Pop music is a concept originating from the early 1950s, when it was introduced to the grand public in its modern form. Derived from classic rock and roll music, this genre is fairly eclectic and doesn’t always offer performers a standard recipe for success. There is one exception worth mentioning: some of the best pop vocalists know how to individualize themselves. Artists like Madonna, Britney Spears or Pink may not have much in common, aside from the fact that they have always worked hard to personalize everything about their performance, from stage costumes to song lyrics and live performances, and have managed to stand out from the crowd by relying on their bold uniqueness.

Courage to Explore a Narrow Niche. What do you do when everything has already been done before? If you were to ask consecrated a pop vocalist, he or she would probably tell you to target a narrower niche with a lot of potential. Naturally, this smaller segment should also match your style and your vocal skills. For instance, Sylvia Brooks, the well-known American jazz musician, has done a great job at lifting the borders of her imagination and reaching her full potential on less explored territory. “Restless”, her second music album released in the spring of 2012, includes a collaboration with Rich Eames and Kim Richmond and touches the darkest nature of jazz, which the renowned female artists calls “noir jazz”. Therefore, originality and the willingness to take chances to explore reinvention are other important characteristics of a successful pop vocalist.

Great Stage Presence and a Memorable Voice. A memorable voice can get you very far, but good stage presence will keep you in the public’s eye for a longer period of time and represents an equally important asset. The energy, passion and powerful emotions a good pop vocalist displays to the public are only a few aspects worth considering.

Studied looks, flattering, flashy costumes, a positive, outgoing attitude and the ability to bond with the crowd represent the rest of the elements that define renowned vocalists and pave their way to smashing performances and never-ending glory.

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