The Need for a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Northampton MA

The first question that should be answered when a person is involved in a traffic accident is if they need a lawyer. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Northampton MA can help you claim the compensation you deserve too. Although it is a very unpleasant fact and you need to forget the entire thing, try to act rationally. This will help you memorize all the facts of the accident. Remember all material and physical damage that occurred. If you can do this, you and your attorney will be able to expedite the process fast.

Here are some other things to recall, if you can:

  • Go to the area where your accident occurred.


  • Take necessary photos for the assessment of damages. This will help you objective, along with helping you remember details of those involved. Also speak to witnesses, as all this is important when facilitating the process.


  • Call the police so the interrogation of witnesses can begin. They will also see the damage and reconstruct your accident. Subsequently, they will fill out the necessary reports.


  • Seek care at the nearest hospital, and get a valid assessment of the physical and psychological damage and obtain medical reports.


  • Give some of this information to the insurance company within seven days, and hire an independent lawyer. These professionals look out for the victim’s interest and not their own, which means you will get the maximum amount possible in compensation.

If the culprit of the accident flees, or if there is a lack of auto insurance, who is responsible for compensating the injured party?

If the guilty party took flight after the fact and if you are unable to identify it, problems may arise. If they lacked the needed insurance, then what happens? Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Northampton MA will ensure you receive the compensation to which everyone is entitled. Any victim that is involved in a motorcycle accident is entitled to compensation if they are not guilty, regardless of what income you presently get. An attorney will seek to alleviate and compensate for the damages suffered by the victim in a traffic accident. For more information, contact Daniel and Fontaine LLC today.

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