The Need for Urgent Care Should Never Be Downplayed


No one enjoys a visit to the family doctor. Shots, uncomfortable questions, and any number of awkward conversations in front of parents or loved ones are hard to have. These visits are necessary, however, in order to avoid future complications and issues related to your health. Sudden issues can still arise with little warning for even the most health-conscious person. In such occasions, your family physician may be unavailable or out of reach, and it is a relief to know urgent care facilities are available. As long as your condition is not life-threatening and does not require immediate attention, an urgent care facility is a great way to avoid the long waits and hassles that an emergency room brings. These facilities are more cost-effective than emergency rooms, and they are often able to provide faster care during and after regular business hours.

Issues Easily Treated at Urgent Care

Small issues that you would visit your family doctor for include stomachaches, back strains, sudden fracture injuries, ear infections, cuts, and more. Why should you sit in an emergency room waiting area for hours while your migraine steadily increases in strength? There are also increased risks of catching an infection or similar airborne issue when surrounded by much sicker people waiting for treatment. If you are unsure whether your issue can be dealt with by an urgent care facility, make a quick phone call during business hours. It is important to remember that clinics cannot give medical advice over the phone. In order to receive such advice, people must physically visit and speak with a physician.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

It is important to understand that an urgent care facility is set up in order to save time and money regarding issues that are not life-threatening. If you or your loved one has experienced a sudden loss in the ability to speak, accidental or intentional poisoning, overdose, a severe allergic reaction, or a severe asthma attack, you must immediately go by car or ambulance to the nearest emergency room. There are a select number of obstetric or pregnancy problems that an urgent care facility can address, but the majority of these issues should be treated in the emergency room as well. It is incredibly important that sudden life-threatening issues be dealt with immediately, as no one is immune from an unexpected hazard. Do not avoid the emergency room if you or your loved one’s life is in serious danger. Call your local facility today.

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