How Can Injured Victims Benefit From Hiring a Product Liability Attorney?

Manufacturers and sellers can both be held liable for a product liability claim. Each year, thousands of people are injured because of defective products, and these injuries can lead to massive medical bills, lost time from work, and even permanent disability. Because there is no federal product liability law, each defective product liability claim must be pursued according to state law. There are three main areas of product liability: negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty. It is imperative injured victims meet with a Product Liability Attorney so they can know the proper steps to take to recover damages.

There are many benefits to hiring an attorney:

  • Most product liability cases require a person to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or retailer. This can sometimes involve a long court process that is not always easy to go through. It is imperative victims do not attempt to go through trials alone because they likely do not have a full understanding of the law and can end up losing their case. An attorney can represent a client in court and with the insurance company.
  • If a person chooses to represent themselves in court, they will be responsible for paying all court fees upfront, which can sometimes mean they are required to pay thousands of dollars in fees before they even know if they will win their case. Most attorneys front the costs of court fees for their client and then are repaid when their client receives a winning settlement.
  • Working with an attorney will allow an injured victim to understand how much their claim is worth so they will not settle for less than the amount they deserve. An attorney also knows how to evaluate a claim so they can help their clients avoid filing lawsuits they have no chance of winning. Injury attorneys will not take on a case they do not feel they can win.

The vast majority of personal injury attorneys work on contingency so there are no upfront costs. The consultation meetings are free and allow victims to explore their legal options and learn how an attorney can help. Victims who would like further information can visit Gaarlawfirm.Com. Call today to schedule a consultation. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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