The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used Car

If you are considering the purchase of a used car you are advised to proceed with caution. Because used cars in Hickory Hills have been owned and driven by someone you do not know it is quite important that you do your homework. Although it is a good idea to do your homework even when you are buying a new car, it is not as critical. To avoid buying a lemon and ensure that you end up happy with your purchase here are a few valuable tips that you should consider.

Research: You can never do enough. Once you have decided on what make, model and year of car you want as well as how much you are willing to spend take as much time as necessary to visit forums and various consumer oriented web sites to see what current owners of the car you are considering have to say.

Performance: Always insist on a decent test drive, not on the route suggested by the dealer rep; take the car where you want to take it. Any car will feel and sound right on a perfectly smooth road travelling at city speeds. Take it over rough roads, up and down hills and on the highway; only then will you know how well it performs.

Inspection: Take the car to a trusted independent mechanic, this is especially true if you are buying from an individual, less important if you are buying from a reputable dealer of used cars in Hickory Hills.

Why buy a used car? When you opt for a used car you immediately eliminate the depreciation which can often amount to 20 percent in the first year. There are used cars and then there are “certified” used cars. Certified used cars have be subjected to a host of tests in accordance with guidelines from the manufacturer. Most certified used cars have a warranty and have never been involved in a serious collision.

Reasons not to buy a used car: If you get a vehicle report you can be reasonably sure of the cars history including the number of previous owners, the mileage, whether it has been written off due to an accident or flood, etc. If you do not get this report there is little that you can do to avoid ending up with a dud and you may find that you are faced with multiple breakdowns.

However, with modern cars being manufactured to last many thousands of miles with few problems, if you do your homework right a used car can be an excellent investment. To know more visit the site

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