What Is Microderma In Chicago And How Its Used

The term Microderma in Chicago may not be on anyone’s lips, but a Micro Laser Peel may be. The term is used with other terms, such as abrasion, as in microdermabrasion and is considered a cosmetic procedure that will remove dead skin, exfoliate the skin and help new skin cells form. Micro laser peels are typically used to remove damaged or regular skin, which can make the skin softer and provide a younger-looking appearance. Only a thin layer of skin is removed from the face.

How It Works

A special beam or laser is moved over the area to be treated, which removes a thin layer of skin. This is the layer that receives the most damage and gives an aged or tired look. The skin will heal by creating new skin cells, which will look healthier and can even help reduce wrinkles and splotches on the face.

Conditions Treated

While this can be considered a cosmetic treatment, it can also be used to treat many problems, such as sun damage, scars, Keratosis and problems with skin pigment, as well as slight wrinkles.

Which Body Areas

The laser peel can be used on any part of the body though most people prefer to have the treatment on their face, as it can be the first sign of aging. However, people also consider the treatment for their neck, hands, and chest. You’ll need to talk with your doctor to determine if the treatment should be used on a particular body part.


Many patients only require one treatment to see their desired results, but each person is different. You may require one to four treatments, especially if you are treating sun damage or scars.


When you arrive for your treatment, your skin will be cleaned. If the treatment is for the face, you’ll wear special safety shields on your eyes. The laser will be placed above the skin, and the doctor will move it whenever the computer prompts him. It typically takes less than half an hour to complete the procedure.


While some patients can immediately go about the rest of their day, you may require three to four days before returning to work, as redness and swelling can occur. Many people have nicknamed Microderma procedures in Chicago as the weekend peel, as it takes about a weekend to heal fully.

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