The Sprayed In Place Urethane Foam Roofing In Oklahoma City

Urethane foam roofing in Oklahoma City can be seen on many flat roofs in and around the mid-west. Regardless of what’s under the roof, the SPF, spray on foam roof can handle it. The roof may be covering a commercial laundry where the humidity is approaching the saturation point; it may be over a facility full of freezers and chillers, such as an ice-cream factory. The roof can be in the desert or in the tropics. The secret to success is the preparation of the substrate and the proper application of the foam and its protective covering.

Well designed, installed and maintained urethane foam roofing in Oklahoma City can last for at least 20 years, and in many cases, more. The advantages of a SPF roof far outweigh any possible disadvantages, which are really only applicable at the application stage. To name just a few advantages:

   * Light weight, 8 ounces per square foot

   * Strong, no problem with pedestrian traffic on the surface

   * 100% adhesion to the substrate

   * Complete fill, including self flashing properties

   * Adaptable to a slope of up to 14°

   * Easily applied over old irregular roof surface

   * Easy to maintain and repair

   * Monolithic, no seams to leak.

When SPF roofs first became available, there was a learning curve that installation contractors had to go through. Yes, there were hick-ups, but with perseverance the application of Urethane Foam Roofing in Oklahoma City is now a matter of fact event. The industry is now mature and the application equipment is purpose built for the job as is the chemical mix. During this time the UFCA, the Urethane Foam Contractors Associated was formed and through their efforts the proper selection and application procedures were promulgated.

The efforts of the UFCA helped in determining such things as the pass thickness. It was found that anything less than a half inch resulted in delaminating of the layers and if they were too thick it affected the foams integrity. Today these things are taken for granted but in the early days of the roof design, it was problematic. It is now an industry standard that the layer is to be minimum 0.5” and the maximum is to be 1.0”, no adverse affects at all.

Polyurethane foam degrades in UV so a second protective layer must be applied over the foam substrate. This layer is elastomeric meaning it moves with the foam. If the foam expands, so does the coating, if the foam contracts so does the coating. The roof is one homogeneous surface including the flashing around vents and ducts that are protruding through the surface of the roof.

A Urethane Foam Roofing in Oklahoma City can today be considered the total roof system. There are no seams to bind, the surface is a strong as any against physical damage and it outlasts most other roofing systems.

To better understand and appreciate the benefits of Urethane Foam Roofing in Oklahoma City you are invited to call the experts, Preferred Roofing for their immediate attention to your needs.

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