There are different types of breast implants

There are a number of differences in breast implants; there are different sizes, shapes and textures and they can either be filled with a saline solution or silicone gel. Regardless of the filling, the outer case of the implant is silicone.

Saline filled breast implants have been available since the early 1960s, they were originally developed in Europe. Silicone gel breast implants actually are a couple of years older than saline filled and they were originally developed in the United States. As the years have gone by breast implants in New York have been improved upon and redesigned a number of times. Up until recently the only breast implants that were available to women in the US were saline filled as there was a fear associated with silicone gel. After some years of testing the USFDA have now approved silicone gel implants and these new products are being marketed as “gummy bear” implants due to their feel and texture.

From the point of view of cosmetics, silicone gel breast implants in New York are preferred over saline filled as it is commonly understood that they look and feel more natural. This is very much the case with women who have undergone a mastectomy or have little breast tissue to work with. With these patients saline implants produced a rippling effect. Patients with ample breasts have reported very little difference between saline and silicone gel.

Silicone gel implants threw a scare into the medical community in the 1990s when researchers studied a link between silicone gel breast implants and systemic disease. There were a number of cases of women who developed neurological and rheumatologic problems which were attributed to the implants. There have been numerous studies conducted and researchers continue with these studies but there appears now to be no truth to it as the implants have now been approved for use.

There is one restriction on the use of the new gummy bear implants, they are only approved for use on women over 22 years of age when they are used strictly for cosmetic purposes. This age limit has been lifted when the implants are used for reconstructive surgery.

The best way for a woman who is considering breast implants in New York to make the right choice is to consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

If you are considering breast augmentation you may want to look into gummy bear breast implants in New York. To discuss this in more detail you are invited to contact Michael A. Fiorillo, MD.

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