Tips to Find Your Hair’s Perfect Stylist Companion

Hairstyles and cuts reveal a lot about our personality, habits and tastes. After all, the locks on our crown are an integral piece of our look and they form an effective part of communication. Appropriate hairstyles reflect our mood, state of living, interests, race, religion and even our aspirations. Every day, we face the mirror thinking what hair style would be perfect for the mood of the day. Some of these decisions can be critical like wearing the attention-grabbing hairdo at a party or displaying the elegant hairstyle in your wedding day. So, use these tips in finding the perfect hairdresser in Cambridge, MA to have your hair fixed, trimmed and styled.

Where to start
Start looking by asking those closest to you and whose opinions you trust: family, friends, and acquaintances. When a co-worker that you personally know has great hair, inquire about his or her stylist and any useful feedback. Some salons will have online sites and pages at social sites, so take a look at their portfolio and look for their top-performing hairdressers.

Talent and hard-work comes first
There are a lot of different hairdressers as you would probably know by now. You can find adept hairdressers at affordable salons and encounter bad stylists at expensive hair parlors. A talented hairdresser in Cambridge would want to meet your needs before trying to compromise with their opinion. Hair stylists would try to clarify your order, perhaps asking what you meant by ‘an inch’ or ‘hybrid cut.’ Some stylists would show how the cut would be done before starting. The better hairdressers may approach your hair new every time and not rely on former cuts.

Having proper talent and experience may warrant a hairdresser to suggest a different style based on hair type, face length and roundness, even height and built. Take advantage of them, as they care a lot for your look.

Service, don’t forget about it
The quality of service is very important. What’s a talented hairdresser without thinking about the finer details of your hair care journey? Hairdressers will make an effort to have long-term customers. Some people have sensitive scalp, so pay attention to how the stylist washes or works through your tresses. Some salons double as a spa, so inquire about other beauty and relaxation options while you’re in a salon. As a side note, it’s heart-warming when you meet your stylist on the street and he or she recognizes you.

Socializing and Engaging
The salon or spa is a social situation so expect a chit-chat somewhere along the line. However, take note that they don’t badmouth people especially co-workers and employers as this would ruin your salon stay. Some hair dressers could even be counsellors on your way to solving your problem. During the session, one or two interruptions for important calls and text may be alright, but avoid persons who regularly text or answer the phone. Sometimes bringing a friend may be comforting; sometimes they interfere with your hairdresser.

Making an appointment
A quality hairdresser in Cambridge, MA will offer free consultation a day before your appointment. Take advantage of this to know your stylist and put forward some of your concerns like how the coloring and curling will be done. If you have been referred by a friend to a specific stylist, make sure to state that beforehand. Some of the better stylists may have a lot of happy clients, so make sure to schedule an appointment days ahead. When your hairdresser is unavailable, make sure to ask for a referral.

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