Trouble With Raccoons?

Raccoons can take up residence in practically any area of your home. They especially love the garage, attic, trees, decks and chimney.  They rummage through your garbage cans tipping them over and causing spills and messes all over your yard.  They are pests. To get rid of the, consider contacting raccoon removal in Oklahoma City Ok.

Trapping them can be tricky, a pest control company can help you safely and effectively get rid of your raccoons for good. If you have a raccoon in the attic, chances are there are babies there. Don’t try to remove the mother raccoon on your own. If the babies are left behind, they can die and decompose and leave an awful smell that will travel throughout your home.  Make sure you contact a wildlife removal company that can safely remove the raccoons and the babies releasing them into the wild.  Don’t try to poison or kill the raccoons, this is most likely illegal in your state.

Raccoons are smart little critters and outsmarting them is very difficult.  They will look for food anywhere they can get it and they usually have no fear.  They will go right up to your porch and eat your dog or cat’s food.  They can enter through your pets door and head straight for the kitchen or garbage.  They can even break through a screen door to get into your home to find food.  Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a raccoon.  Calling a raccoon removal in Oklahoma City Ok is the best way to get rid of your raccoon problem.

To prevent raccoons from entering your property in the first place, keep pet doors locked at night and keep pet dishes and bowls covered.  Don’t leave garbage out in your yard and make sure cans are closed tightly with a lid. Basically, do everything you can to keep all food sources away from the raccoons.

If a raccoon is in your attic, contact a professional immediately.  Raccoons can cause all kinds of damage to the structure of your home.  They can rip up insulation and dig holes and gnaw through wood.  They also leave behind droppings that can contain raccoon roundworm which can be harmful to pets and humans.

Any area around your property that is open or has a space can become a dwelling spot for raccoons.  Make sure you keep open spaces in your deck, garage or attic tightly sealed so that raccoons cannot take up residence. And be sure to contact a professional to help you with raccoon removal in Oklahoma City OK.

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