Troubleshooting Problems With Brakes In Rockville

Maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s brakes in Rockville is an important part of auto repair and maintenance.  With better understanding of the brakes and the potential problems can minimize the repair cost and keep you safe from driving with faulty brakes. This article provides more information on the common issues and root cause analysis for brakes problems.

Repair needed for Brakes in Rockville when the Pedal Goes Too Down to Stop

If you have noticed that while applying brakes the pedal goes down too far before the vehicle slows down, it could be a problem with the brake fluid. Either the level of the brake fluid is low in which case you should supplement with more fluid or the brake fluid is contaminated with air or moisture. You will need to take you vehicle for repair to bleed the brake from the existing fluid and fill it up with a new batch. Also make sure that the low level of brake fluid is not an indicator of a leak in the system.

Other reasons for the pedal to go down too deep are worn out brake pads. Get the brake pads replaced at the earliest your able. If your vehicle goes through regular maintenance schedule then this can be caught in time with inspection. Discuss this with your auto repair shop. A bad brake booster can also be a reason for the pedal going down too low. This requires the use of a vacuum measurement device and if indeed the booster is faulty, it needs to be replaced.

 Repair needed for Brakes in Rockville if the brake pedal is too firm

A firm pedal needs to be looked at immediately for maintenance and repair of brakes in Rockville. If the pedal feels too firm when you step on it, then it could be a brake boost or vacuum problem. Brakes are smooth to press due to the brake booster that is controlled by vacuum. If there is a leak in the system, the vacuum will not have enough pressure for smooth braking. If there are no vacuum leaks then the booster unit could be faulty. Brake line obstruction is another possible cause for firm bakes. It could be due to rust or other obstruction that blocks the brake fluid from reaching the system. Brake lines should be inspected visually and replaced as needed.
Repair needed for Brakes in Rockville if the brakes are pulling or grabbing

Brake operations should be smooth but if you feel a grab when the pedals are pressed and the care veers to a side then it could be due to worn out brake pads or a bad brake disc. If the brake pads are worn out they need to be replaced and if the brake disc is faulty it needs to be replaced as well.


Regular inspection will ensure proper functioning of brakes Rockville. Auto Clinic Care can take care of all your replacement and maintenance needs for brakes. For more information go to

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