Two Reasons You Need a Social Security Disability Attorney

No matter the reason that you now find yourself disabled and otherwise unable to work for a living, it is in your best interests to immediately call on the aid of a Social Security disability attorney. These professionals work with you to get the financial help and support to cover the simple things that you need, such as a place to live, food, and clothing. These men and women undergo years of training before helping a single person. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will provide assistance to qualified people who meet certain standards but this can only be provided after a complex process requiring the filing of many forms and more.


It may come as some surprise to learn that the large majority of SSA applicants are initially denied, with nearly 53% of claims made between 2003 and 2010 being denied by the SSA. This is often due to a simple mistake during the filing process or a technicality and a professional Social Security disability attorney can help you to increase your chance at approval at the initial claims level. Since only an average of 28% of disabled men and women receive benefits at this level, it is a great idea for you to contact a firm such as Duncan Disability Law S.C. to get in touch about this issue.


An experienced Social Security disability attorney will know how to handle any of the processes required before you can complete a disability claim. Gathering medical reports, prior employment records, and any additional information before filing is necessary and they know how to expedite this so that you may complete the filing process more quickly. In addition, they utilize their deep knowledge of regulations set forth by the SSA to ensure that no technical mistakes are made and to help you understand your odds of acceptance.

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