Two Ways a Steel Fence Can Be Strengthened During Fence Installation in Ankeny IA

When it comes to a Des Moines Steel Fence, you may be concerned about the fence blowing over during strong wind gusts, or falling down when the ground underneath it erodes away from rain. Luckily for you, there are two different things you can do to help strengthen a steel fence during the installation process.

Reinforcement Posts:

The most common way that a steel fence is reinforced during Fence Installation Ankeny IA is through reinforcement posts. A hole is dug several inches below the ground. The reinforcement post is inserted into this hole. This process continues, with posts going up every six to ten feet. Together, these posts serve as sturdy and stable points for the rest of the fence to be constructed around. Visit website for more details.

Reinforcement posts are a great way to prevent a fence from blowing over when it is windy and to help further stabilize a fence that may be constructed atop of hilly or uneven terrain. A fencing contractor can let you know whether you can benefit from reinforcement posts, based on your needs and budget.
Concrete Anchors:

While reinforcement posts protect against wind, they don’t protect against ground erosion caused by rain. If you want to ensure your fence is not going anywhere, concrete anchors may be the better option for you. The process is very similar to installing reinforcement posts. However, instead of simply sliding the post into a hole in the ground, the hole is filled with concrete and the post is inserted. The concrete then dries, holding the post firmly in place.

Concrete anchors may increase the cost of Fence Installation Ankeny IA, but they help ensure the fence is not going anywhere. This helps your steel fence live as long as possible and withstand any weather element. A fencing contractor can tell you whether or not you can benefit from anchors while you are getting a fencing estimate.

If you are in the market for a new fence, contact They can help you select the fence type that is right for you, and then install it, so it can withstand a variety of different conditions.



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