What Comes To Mind If Someone Offers You Acid Cigars?

It was while I was visiting an old college friend and reminiscing about our youth in the Woodstock days; when I was first offered Acid Cigars and, not being much of a smoking connoisseur, I thought he was still talking about those days past and suggesting some sort of psychedelic cigar. This struck me as strange since we never took anything stronger than beer back then!

I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

My friend then took great amusement in showing me his box of Acid Cigars which turned out to be nothing more than a brand of premium cigars made by an enterprise called the Drew Estate Tobacco Company. Apparently, they have something of a reputation for “unusual” brand names for their hand rolled cigars made at their production facility in the Estili Valley located in Northern Nicaragua. From their mountain crest factory, Drew Estate overlooks numerous acres of prime farms growing, harvesting and curing Cuban Seed tobacco the traditional way. Likewise, Drew Estates uses the traditional hand rolling methods associated with only the best cigars.

1998 – The Rebirth Of Cigars

Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel started Drew Estates in 1998 and they have impressed aficionados to such an extent that their company has been linked to the rebirth of the cigar. By the way; if I thought Acid Cigars was a strange name; how about:-

  • My Uzi Weighs A Ton
  • Or, Liga Privada Feral Flying Pigs.
  • Or, do you fancy trying their Drew Estate Meat Pie pipe tobacco?

Yes, they do exist – or, at least, they are included in the catalogue from the on line cigar store that my friend gets his regular supplies from.

Did I Enjoy The Trip?

Somehow, I have never been very much into cigar smoking; maybe I prefer the simpler approach of pulling a cigarette out of a packet, lighting it and then finishing my smoke a few minutes later? The mystique of the near ritualistic preparations associated with cigar smoking all have some appeal but, on past occasions, I have tended to grow bored with the length of time it takes to finish a cigar. However, I must say that these Acid Cigars may well have converted me and I was never bored with their flavor – from lighting all the way through to stubbing out. It made the trip to visit my friend very worthwhile.

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