Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Criminal Law in Phenix City, AL

You hope against hope that you never have to go through the process, but at times, there may be a need to consult a lawyer for a criminal proceeding against you or a loved one. Sometimes the case may be that it was a crime you committed or was involved in years ago. You need to find out what your options are. If you live in Alabama, you will need to talk to an attorney experienced in Criminal Law in Phenix City AL. The following information about the statute of limitations regarding criminal law in Alabama will put you in a better position to understand what the criminal law professional can do for you.

In general, felonies have a three year window from the date of the crime in which you can be prosecuted while misdemeanors have a 12 month window after the commission of the crime. Taking someone’s property or using it without consent has a 30 day time frame in which you can be charged. The conversion of revenue belonging to the county or state caries a window of six years. Certain felonious charges fall outside that three year window. There is no time limit period on being charged with any capital crime. There is no statute of limitation for any felony charge in which you commit violent acts against a person, or attempt to do such. There is no time limit in which you can be charged for a felony attack against an individual that results in physical injury and/or death. You will find no time limit for committing a sex offense against a minor (under the age of 16), whether or not force was used, a physical injury or death occurred. Other felonies for which there are no statute of limitations are arson, counterfeiting, forgery, and drug trafficking.

If you find that you possibly may be in danger of still being prosecuted for criminal activity in Alabama, you can consult a Criminal Law in Fredericton for advice. They have been providing criminal representation for a combined 85 years.

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