Using Graphic Design Prints For Publicity

Marketing any business is a challenge due to the fact that you’re competing with so many other companies. Consumers are bombarded with advertising from multiple companies every day, so you have to make your ads really stand out. There are a number of different approaches that you can take to do this. Here are a few suggestions that may help you stand out from your competitors.


Graphic design prints aren’t limited to one page. Many print services can print and bind calendars that contain multiple images and have custom information on the dates of your choosing. You can print the dates of your major sales on these calendars and hand them out to your customers. You can also make custom calendars for your employees that include important dates, too.


Just because almost everyone has an email address now doesn’t mean mailings are obsolete. These graphic design prints can make use of stiff, heavy paper to be mailed out as postcards or printed on standard paper and folded in thirds to mail. The experts at Copyworks can help create everything from one-page information sheets to multi-page newsletters to mail to your customers and interested consumers.


Banners are a bit different than other graphic design prints because they’re designed to be much larger and are printed in much more limited runs. You may use banners over and over, or you may create a banner for a special event that you never use again. Either way, banners need to be carefully designed, so they catch the eye.

Unlike calendars or mailings, banners generally have very limited text and fairly basic designs so that people can quickly read and understand the information the banner is trying to convey. Too much text or complicated, colorful graphics can be overwhelming, while too little text may not convey exactly what you need. However, a banner done correctly can be a powerful marketing tool. You can also like their Facebook page for more updates!

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