Hot Water Heater Repairs in Conyers, GA- Common Issues That You Need to Know About

The hot water heater is one of the most essential appliances in both households and commercial buildings alike. Its function is self-explanatory; it heats up the water so that people can bathe and clean themselves comfortably during the cold winter months. However, like many other household appliances, hot water heaters require a considerable amount of regular maintenance. If you do not maintain the heaters properly, it won’t be long before they stop working. Companies that offer hot water heater repairs in Conyers, GA, like Better Plumbing Services, LLC, have many common issues concerning water heaters that they are called up to fix. Here are some of the most prevalent problems that might arise.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is the temperature sensor that determines when to shut off the heater. If the thermostat begins to malfunction, then your water heater will stop working. Usually, the issue is highlighted by a blinking light on the heater. If this occurs, you can call a company that offers hot water heater repairs to replace or repair the thermostat.

Improper Installation

If you decided to carry out the water heater installation by yourself, there’s a very high chance that you might not have been connected something properly. As a result, your heater might not be heating the water correctly. You can call a professional company that offers hot water heater repairs to check the installation and ensure that the heater is fitted correctly in its place. Improper installation can also cause a gas leakage, thus becoming a potential fire hazard. There are numerous additional components that might malfunction in the hot water heater, so it’s important to get the heater checked at least once a year in addition to getting it serviced properly.

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