Vescom Options for Your Home

Are you looking for the next update for your home? Vescom works with the top distributors in the textile industry to ensure you get the best wallcoverings, upholstery, and curtains for your home. They offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to allow you to choose textiles that will fit your unique décor.

When you are choosing Vescom solutions for your home, you should take care to consider the benefits of each type of wallcovering, upholstery, or curtain. Try narrowing it down to a couple different options. Then, consider the different style design that you would like. The type of style you can purchase will often depend on your choice of material.


Vescom offers two types of wallcoverings: vinyl and textile.

Vinyl wallcovering features cotton backing and is known for its light, durable properties. It is also resistant to impact and scratchproof. Vinyl wallcovering is very easy to maintain and can last between ten and fifteen years with proper care.

Textile wallcovering can be made with either silk, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers. They offer the widest selection of wallcoverings, because they are available in a wide variety of textures, colors, and designs. Textile distributors may even offer individually crafted textile wallcovering to meet your unique décor needs.


There are three types of upholstery offered through the Vescom company: fabrics, vinyl, and +print.

 Upholstery fabrics are good for the home because they are durable and flame retardant. They also allow you the option of aesthetically enhancing your décor. They are most often constructed using mohair, wool, and Trevira CS, fabrics that are both lightweight and durable.

When you choose vinyl upholstery, you have the advantages of material that is hygienic. It protects against dirt, grease, and bacteria. It is constructed of cotton backing and synthetic material. It resists stains, fire, and can last for a very long time.

+Print is an addition to upholstery. You can create upholstery with an image, brand, photographic images, or graphic designs for a truly customized upholstery. It is very durable.


Vescom curtains come with a large variety of fabric, design, and color choices. Within the line, you will find fabrics with designs, translucent materials, and non-pattern runs. There are approximately 400 color choices. All of the fabrics used for curtain construction are lightweight, durable, and fire retardant.

The Vescom Company also offers acoustic curtains. Acoustic curtains are designed to be lightweight and translucent, yet durable. They also have a unique feature. They absorb sound and reduce echoes leaving and coming into the home. They are made entirely of Trevira CS yarns, which are fire retardant. Acoustic curtains are also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

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