Do Your Kids Need Some Hands On Learning In St. Augustine Florida?

Whether we live in St. Augustine Florida or any place else, we all desire that our kids get the benefit of a “good” education. Unfortunately, there are many different routes along which we can send them towards this goal and, in advance, it is not always easy to decide which route will be best for them in the long run. The choices are also heavily influenced by our own perceptions, our finances and even our geographical location and this is all before the actual aptitude of our kids is thrown in to the considerations (let alone their ages at the time when we are making decisions on their behalf that can impact on their whole future).

What Do We Mean By Hands On Learning In St. Augustine?
The words sound simple but do they mean the same thing to all of us? We have probably all taken small kids to a zoo or aquarium at some time or another and seen at firsthand how the petting zoo or hands on tank (where kids can touch, feel and interact with the animals or fishes) increases their knowledge and understanding of living things but, is this the only full meaning of hands on learning In St. Augustine?

How about the practical hands on learning that comes to them in their teens by way of practical sessions in the wood or auto shops at high school? Or is it later, when they are at college studying for a profession or a trade, and undergo “on the job” training in anything from medicine to engineering in the very hands on manner that is associated with internship or apprenticeship?

Three extremely different examples of what could be understood about hands on learning in St. Augustine. But, maybe we are not really looking at Hands On Learning In St. Augustine? Should we be talking about hands on teaching instead?

We must all have met the teacher who would start the lesson by saying “open the book in front of you and read the first 4 chapters. When you have done that, there will be a test”. The teacher can sit back and daydream a while; the students (of any age) try to memorize the words in the book and then hope for the “right” questions to be asked. In today’s technology age it is even easier for a teacher to hand everything over to computers and video presentations. The kids, especially the youngest ones would surely learn more from a teacher who takes time with them (one on one) to explain things – would that be hands on teaching; or, Hands On Learning In St.Augustine?

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