What Does A Business Litigation Lawyer Do?

In the event a corporation or any business for that matter becomes involved in litigation, either as the plaintiff or the defendant, it will be business litigation lawyers in Chicago that represent them. Litigation is a term that is used in reference to any kind of lawsuit; it could be a disgruntled employee, a class action product liability suit or a lawsuit brought by a tax-enforcing agency such as the IRS. Although a business litigation lawyer can be in-house council most companies and corporations are not involved in litigation often enough to warrant the expense so outside council is employed on an as-needed basis. There are exceptions to this of course; a good example would be an insurance company where litigation is a very common occurrence.

Business litigation lawyers in Chicago will either bring lawsuits on behalf of their client or defend their client in the event the client is the defendant. This means that their responsibility begins with the initial filing of the suit or preparing the initial response to a suit. Filing a lawsuit requires the preparation and presentation of a brief for the court, the brief explains the facts leading up to the case, specifying the law that supports the right of recovery as well as case law showing precedent as to why the court should rule that recovery is indeed appropriate.

If a company, for example, wishes to sue another for breach of contract the business litigation lawyer will need to explain the facts that were part of the original drafting of the contract in question and the breach. The lawyer will have to specify the precise part of contract law that proves a breach was made. The lawyer would then cite case law drawn from previous cases to support his conclusion that similar actions were considered as a breach.

Once the motion has been filed with the court the lawyer will prepare for trial. The entire process consists of a number of steps which include discovery; discovery is a process where information is shared with the lawyers representing the opposing side. Motions can be made requesting the court to take specific actions on their behalf, perhaps compelling the opposition to divulge information or to plead for a dismissal of the case due to insufficient evidence.

In many cases the opposing business litigation lawyers will come together during the pre-trial stage and settle the dispute out of court. Browse the site www.attorneyzim.com for more information.

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