What Domestic Violence Lawyers in Egg Harbor Township, NJ Do for Their Clients

Being accused of any type of domestic violence is not something to take lightly. The repercussions from this type of allegation can haunt the individual for years. If charges of this type are aimed at the individual, it makes sense to consult with one of the domestic violence lawyers in Egg Harbor Township, NJ as quickly as possible. Here is what the lawyer will do on behalf of the client.

Gathering Evidence

Before it is possible to provide any type of counsel, the lawyer will want to collect as many relevant facts as possible. When did the alleged incidents take place? Were there any witnesses? Are there any police reports, hospital records for treatment, or any other tangible evidence proving that the events in question did occur? Domestic violence lawyers Egg Harbor Township NJ know how important it is to find out what really happened.

Preparing the Case

Once the evidence is in, the lawyer can begin the process of preparing the defense. This will often involve providing a rebuttal to every charge made against the client. If an alleged event took place at a given date and time, providing evidence that the client was miles away and with other people is an effective solution. If other people were present when the events occurred, their testimony that the violence was not initiated by the client and that all actions were in self-defense leaves the judge more room for doubt. Being able to defuse the claims of the plaintiff will go a long way toward bring the matter to an end.

Seeking Damages

In some cases, it may be appropriate to seek some type of damages for the alleged charges. This is especially true if the lawyer is able to convince the judge that the charges have no basis in fact. Along with dismissing the charges, the judge may order the plaintiff to pay all court costs and legal fees. That ensures the defendant is not left with a significant amount of legal debt to pay.

Don’t seek to deal with situations like this without the aid of legal counsel. Contact the law office of Mark D. Kargman Esq. LLC today and arrange for a consultation. Bring along any documentation or other evidence that supports the position of the client. Together, it is possible to ensure that the rights of the client are protected every step of the way.

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