What to Know About a Driveway Sealer: 5 FAQ’s That Can Make or Break Driveway Maintenance

A professional Driveway Sealer is almost a necessity if one wants to keep their driveway in good condition. Regardless, some may need a little convincing about what a Driveway Sealer does, what the sealant actually accomplishes, and if it really is as vital as people say. Below are five common consumer questions.

Is a sealant necessary?

The answer is no if one is happy with a driveway that deteriorates and fades with surprising quickness. The driveway’s most immediate daily threat is the sun, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun will actually degrade the asphalt cement. The asphalt is what is holding the small stones and pebbles together, which subsequently create the inevitable cracks.

Does sealant extend the life of the driveway?

The breakdown of the driveway is inevitable, but its life can be extended. A typical driveway, if untreated entirely, will last about five to ten years before its crumbling can be hazardous.

How often should the sealant be applied?

The sealant should be applied about every two years. The rate may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the intensity of the season. An especially sunny summer means the driveway has faced extensive UV’s. A rainy spring or fall will likely have impacted the driveway, especially if it is matched alongside a tough and icy winter. All of these threats may put the driveway in a vulnerable position, and a yearly sealant may be advised.

What is the repercussion of ignoring bi-yearly sealant?

The repercussion is more than just aesthetic. The driveway will start to have potholes. The cracks can be a hazard. It may cause loose pebbles and sharp rocks to appear, which can potentially pop a tire. It may even be possible for someone to be injured, which opens up uncomfortable possibilities.

Will the seal cover current cracks?

The sealing process is a preventive measure, so it is not designed to actually fix current cracks. With that said, professional sealers are often able to repair and restore the driveway as needed as a separate service.

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