What Happens If Your Claim For Social Security Benefits Is Denied?

Understanding the complex application for Social Security disability benefits can be extremely frustrating, and even those who complete it correctly have a high chance of being denied.

Common reasons for denial of benefits:

The SSA, Social Security Administration seems to have a very long list of reasons for denying a claim for disability benefits. Of all the reasons, five or six are the most commonly quoted, by knowing what they are and how to deal with them your application will go smoother.

   * Insufficient medical records: This is by far one of the most commonly quoted reasons for rejection of the application. You may think that you are in compliance with what the administration want but don’t be one bit surprised if they don’t request further supporting data. In many cases the SSA may want you to meet with an approved doctor for further testing. It is better to be safe that sorry; include every bit of medical evidence that you have.

   * Doctor’s orders: You can expect to see your claim denied if the administration believe that you have not been following your doctor’s orders or that you have failed to adhere to the treatment regimen. Your Chicago Social Security disability attorney will confirm that the chances of approval are far better if you have made an honest attempt to treat the debilitating condition.

   * Not expected to be disabled long enough: One of the many stipulations is that your disability must be expected to last at least a year. If the SSA determines that it will not meet this test your claim will not be approved.

   * You make too much money: Perhaps this is the most common reason why approval is not granted, the applicant makes more than the limit allowed.

Statistically, applicants who use a Chicago Social Security disability attorney have a much better chance of having their claim approved as he or she can review the claim as well as support the claim during the appeals stage.

You will have a better chance of having your claim for disability benefits approved if you use a Chicago Social Security disability attorney to assist you. Visit the Law offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown website for more info..

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