What is a permanent denture?

A permanent denture is just another name for dental implants which provide a long term solution to tooth loss. Traditional dentures are designed to be removed for cleaning and maintenance, dental implants are fixed into the jaw bone and never removed; they are there for life. The crown which sits on the implant of course is made from synthetic material but as they are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, there is no apparent difference between them. The implant is like a natural tooth, it requires the same degree of oral hygiene as the rest of the natural teeth, the wearer soon forgets that he actually has a permanent denture.

Many people who turn to dental implants in Jacksonville Beach have already tried removable dentures and found that they are uncomfortable or pose problems with eating or speaking due to a poor fit. If the denture wearer has plenty of bone available in the jaw and is willing to spend the time, a permanent solution is available. In many cases, once teeth have been extracted and replaced by a bridge or a removable denture there is a natural degradation of the jaw bone where at one time there was a natural root. In cases like this where the jaw bone is not right for an implant, additional surgery can be performed to add bone, either bone grafted from the patient or bone which the dentist can purchase.

Before the dentist can confirm that you are a good candidate for implants in Jacksonville Beach you will be subjected to a complete dental examination which includes a series of X-Rays. After all the data is available, the dentist will decide which approach to the implantation process is best suited for the patient. During the examination, it is important that the patient divulge to the dentist the names of any prescription drugs and supplements that he or she is taking. It may be necessary to discontinue these drugs during the term of the implant procedure.

The procedure itself is quite straight forward, it just takes time. The first step is to implant a titanium insert into the jawbone which is allowed to heal with the implant fusing to and becoming one with the surrounding bone. Once this phase is over, an abutment is fitted to the top of the implant and the synthetic tooth or crown is finally set on the abutment.

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