The Rule of Law

When society began, rules needed to be introduced to ensure it would run smoothly. Somewhere along the line, the rules became laws and the laws multiplied almost beyond count to a point where self appointed, self taught wise men could no longer be universally trusted to resolve disputes over them. The profession of being a lawyer was born and law schools were set up to train those who wished to become lawyers.

Types of law

In the beginning, one person could be trained to have sufficient knowledge of all the laws but, it soon became apparent that the law had become so complex that no one person could hope to master the intricacies of all of it. It followed from this that a person would receive an initial broad based introduction to the principles of law and would then go on to receive more detailed tuition in one or two particular branches of the law (e.g. criminal law, divorce law, business law, etc).

After Qualifying as a Lawyer

Regardless of the type of law a person has studied; they can operate as a lawyer from an office giving advice to clients without ever having to appear in court and make a case before a judge. However, if they do decide to go in for litigation and speak before judges and juries, they need extra recognition from the local authorities. Lawyers so recognized are commonly referred to as “attorneys”.

The Work of a Business Litigation Attorney in Chicago

It would be fair to say that any business endeavour has to comply with more laws than an ordinary citizen. For example, there are laws covering the way in which they treat both their employees and their customers. Employees can sue for wrongful dismissal or work related injury; customers may choose to sue if they are unhappy with a purchase. Either way, a lawyer will try to settle out of court but, if the claimant won’t settle and the incident happened in or near Chicago; then, the business will need to hire a Business Litigation Attorney In Chicago to defend them in a court of law. If it is a group of employees or consumers suing the firm, it becomes what is known as a class action.

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