What is Toxic Black Mold and is it Really Dangerous?

If you discover that you have toxic black mold in your home, your health is at risk and it is in your best interests to contact a mold removal company as soon as possible. While the very name “toxic black mold” sounds somewhat like the nefarious title of a death metal band, it really is a descriptive term that signifies the basic properties of this type of mold. It is black, usually because it develops in stagnant, black water, and it is toxic, which means it can poison your body and is not a positive contributor to your overall health.

When too much mold is inhaled, particularly when it is toxic, it can begin to grow and proliferate inside your body, break down the immune system (influencing the development of other diseases or illnesses), and even infiltrate your bloodstream. A mold removal company can get it out of your house, but they cannot suction it out of your body; so, it is important to act quickly once you discover the presence of mold anywhere inside your home.

Many people do not want to go to the trouble and expense of calling a mold removal company when they find black mold (or any kind of mold) in their house, but will instead don plastic gloves, possible cover their mouths with a mask, and treat it with bleach. Unless the person is unusually thorough, this usually doesn’t work and the mold invariably grows back within a couple of weeks. If the mold is growing in the carpet or in wood, this is an especially difficult remedy that can damage your carpet and wood, while not efficiently getting rid of the mold, which makes the situation worse.

More problematic is mold discovered in any wall space. Merely cleaning the exterior mold that you see may not be enough because there may be toxic black mold growing inside the wall itself. Getting inside the wall to clean mold usually require the techniques of professional technicians from a mold removal company. It’s very easy to cause more damage to the structure of your house if you access the walls interior in an inappropriate way.

The best bet for most people is to save time and money and call a mold removal company to rid the house of mold if it has been found on the premises. Professional technicians know how to treat mold thoroughly and test to make sure that it is all discovered before considering a job to be completed. They have all the required tools, skill and experience to remove mold from your house without causing further damage.

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