The Process of Filing Worker’s Compensation in Indianapolis

While some jobs put their employees at a greater risk for injury than others, all companies are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance to protect their employees. This is important information for people to know so they know exactly what to do if they get hurt on the job. Understanding the basics of worker’s compensation in Indianapolis can ensure your case goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Report It

Any time you are injured on the job, no matter how minor the injury may seem when it first occurs, it is important to let your superior know what happened. Even if the injury is minor or insignificant, it could turn into something more severe later, requiring medical attention and help. When it comes to worker’s comp, you only have a small time frame in which you can report the accident. You can lose the benefits you deserve if you don’t report the injury properly.

Get Medical Attention

Once you have reported the incident to your superiors, you must seek the medical attention you require. In some cases, your company may send you to their doctors for an examination. Even if you do see the company’s physician, you should still see your own for a second opinion. Make sure you let any doctor you see know it is a case of worker’s compensation in Indianapolis so they know how to bill it correctly. If you don’t let them know, they may bill your regular health insurance, causing them to deny your claim and leaving you financially responsible.

See a Lawyer

After you have received the medical attention your injury requires, it is important to see a lawyer about your claim. Workers compensation can be difficult for the lay person to navigate. If you trust your company to take the lead, you can end up with less money than your injury deserves. A lawyer will ensure your case goes as smoothly as it possibly can for the best results.

Getting injured on the job is a risk everyone takes the minute they walk into their place of business. Some businesses are at a greater risk than others. If you do get hurt on the job, it is important to follow the proper procedure to get the compensation you deserve from worker’s compensation in Indianapolis. This includes reporting your injury to your supervisor, seeking medical attention for diagnosis and treatment and seeing a lawyer to find out just what your rights are.



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