What Questions Should You Ask an Auto Accident Attorney?

If you are considering hiring an auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, FL, it is important you are careful and thorough in your decision-making process. Hiring an auto accident attorney is both a financial and emotional commitment. If you are need of legal services, you must be absolutely certain the litigator you hire to represent you is not only fully competent but also has your best interests at heart throughout the entire legal process. With those parameters in mind, let’s take a look at the questions you should ask before you fully pay out any kind of retainer.

How Much Do They Charge, and What is Their Pay Structure?

A good auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, FL will tell you upfront about all of their fees.  It is important to understand not only how much the potential attorney will be paid for their legal service, but also what their pay structure is. Some attorneys do not collect anything in terms of fees unless they win. However, many require an upfront retainer for their services, regardless of the outcome.  It is important you know the difference between the two before making any kind of commitment.

How Much Do They Expect the Settlement to Be Worth?

Another factor to consider when hiring an auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, FL is how much they think they will be able to get in terms of damages recovered. A higher dollar amount is not just indicative of more money in their pocket, but also means the attorney is willing to work harder on the case and believes in it more fully.

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