What To Expect From A Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist in Northbrook is no different than any other dentist; they are all concerned with the total oral health of their patients. The difference between a general family dentist and a cosmetic dentist are the dental procedures that they tend focus on. After a licensed dentist goes on to get additional training and education, he or she can then practice certain procedures which improve the smile and appearance of the patient.

A cosmetic dentist has developed the skills and techniques that allow him or her to perform procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers as well as invisible braces. These procedures are not  medical necessities, they are procedures which, when completed, will enhance and improve the patients smile, resulting in improved self confidence, making these people feel more comfortable with themselves in professional and social situations. A cosmetic dentist is also skilled at repairing teeth which are chipped or the surface has hair line cracks.

Many patients think of their cosmetic dentist in Northbrook as their own personal “smile engineer.” These dentists work hand in hand with their patients, between them designing a smile which satisfies the look that their patient has been dreaming about. It is just as important to keep the smile looking perfect for years to come so once the cosmetic dentist has completed his tasks, routine dental care and maintenance takes on a whole new meaning. Many dentists who offer cosmetic treatments also offer general dentistry either personally or in co-operation with other specialists, there may be situations for example where the patient must have certain procedures done in advance so the cosmetic procedures will give the desired look.

Although people strive to keep their adult teeth there are times when one or more teeth are lost for a variety of reasons. In the past the only solutions that were available were bridges and dentures. Today, cosmetic dentists can actually give their patients a new lease on life by giving them a “third tooth.” Dental implants are becoming very popular, these implants are used to permanently replace a tooth with a one which looks and performs identical to the natural tooth it replaces.

Although anyone can approach a cosmetic dentist in Northbrook for smile correction, the most common patients are those whose personal image is important, these patients can include actors, film and TV personalities, models and others whose smile is important in their chosen profession. Cosmetic dentistry will improve the individual’s chances for employment as well as increase their self-confidence.

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