Protecting The Rights Of Someone Injured In An Auto Accident

Immediately following any car accident the victim will be the subject of a flurry of activity; police milling around asking questions, seeking medical attention, etc. Unfortunately this also is the time when the victim must make a number of decisions and they have to be made quickly and in many cases the wrong decision is inevitable. The injured party has to look after number one priority which is recuperating from the accident; there is not much inclination at this time to think about anything other than the family and getting better. They can easily assume that all the financial details will be looked after by the other driver’s insurance company. This is why it is important to put getting an auto accident attorney in West Palm Beach as a priority item as well, you need them between you and a group of insurance people who are only concerned about keeping their liability as small as possible; in their eyes you don’t count.

To make this decision it may be helpful for the victim to know what an attorney can do to help.

Right after the accident:

This is an important time as physical evidence deteriorates quickly and the memories of witness fade. At this time the attorney will gather all the evidence he or she can; photos will be taken at the scene, eye witnesses will be found and interviewed, skid marks will be measured, etc. When you first call the attorney an attempt will be made to find out if you think you bear any responsibility for the accident, what are your immediate injuries and what is the current thinking on long term effects and if the case cannot be settled out of court, will it prosper when put in front of a judge?

Once the auto accident attorney is fully aware of the situation, it can be determined if going after a claim is really in the victim’s best interest and if it is what settlement will be acceptable to cover all the damages, medical expenses and suffering. Once this has all been settled the attorney can file a claim on your behalf, as of now you are the client.

After the claim is filed:

Tort law id complex, it covers all sorts of personal injury issues, not just auto accidents. The benefit of having an auto accident attorney in West palm Beach is that he knows the law and how to best use it. The attorney knows when the claim must be filed and he knows exactly how to file it. All of this can happen while you focus on getting better and caring for your family.

Performance in court:

In most cases an out of court settlement is arranged, an agreement will be made between your attorney and the insurance company. However, if the insurance company balks, your attorney, who is skilled in a court room, will present your case and he will push for the maximum award.

After an auto accident you will be more concerned about yourself than the legalities of the situation, this is why you cannot waste any time hiring an auto accident attorney in West Palm Beach. You are invited to contact Viñas & DeLuca to discuss your case.

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