What to Expect from Accident Lawyers in Warrenton, VA

Personal injury and accident lawyers are a type of lawyer that is only needed ever so often. Unlike general practice attorneys, these attorneys focus on clients who have had something happen due to get neglect of someone else. Listed below are a few things a person can most likely expect from accident lawyers in Warrenton, VA.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is completed by all personal injury and accident attorneys so they can gather facts about what happened. This is also an opportunity for them to determine if the person has a case that will hold up in court. In some cases, the accident attorney may recommend trying to get a settlement without having to appear in front of a judge. If this is the case, it can save the client some money.

Retainer Fee

Many attorneys ask for clients to pay a retainer fee to complete their services. This fee is to show the client is serious about pursuing the case so the attorney does not waste their time. There are also personal injury attorneys who do not expect any compensation until the case is complete. When dealing with legal services, these fees should be outlined up front before the person agrees to the service.

Witness Request

When a person is involved in an accident, there are witnesses who may have seen what happened. The accident attorney will request the contact information of these people to get a statement from them on their outlook on what happened. Eye witness testimonies are a strong source when the case goes to court.

Additional Evidence

Accident attorneys also request any additional evidence a person may have to prove their case. This may include any pictures, videos, police reports, medical records and insurance claims that have been filed. They need this to determine the compensation the client needs to seek for damages.

Although these are things you can expect from most accident attorneys, it is not everything. The different personal injury and accident lawyers in Warrenton, VA may have a different criteria depending on their practice and the laws in the area. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to find more information.



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