When Pursuing Social Security Claims, a Disability Attorney in Kansas City Can Be a Valuable Ally

Since its creation in 1935, hundreds of millions of Americans have enjoyed the benefits of the federal Social Security retirement program. Virtually every American who works over the course of his or her adult life will qualify for the program, and thereby become eligible to receive a steady, modest stream of income after retiring. This program has greatly enhanced the old-age financial security of many people, particularly those who worked in lower-income positions which made it difficult to save adequately for retirement. Another, less well-known, program provides similar protection for those who suffer career-ending injuries or other issues which prevent them from returning to work.

Social Security Disability Insurance is funded by the same payroll taxes that keep the administration’s retirement benefits flowing. As with the retirement program, qualifying for this one requires having worked and contributed these payroll taxes for a certain period of time, the minimum increasing as a worker ages. Workers who are diagnosed by their doctors with conditions which prevent them, in the judgments of these physicians, from engaging in "substantial gainful activity" may qualify for support payments under the program for as long as they remain so disabled.

Even in clear-cut cases of disability, however, actually receiving benefits may involve a relatively long and complex process, throughout which the services of a disability attorney in Kansas City may be valuable. A local field office first vets an applicant for conformance with the basic, non-medical requirements of the program, establishing, for example, citizenship status and qualifying work credits. Once this initial screening has been passed, an actual claim may be filed, and supported with the medical opinions of qualified doctors who are informed about the claimant’s condition.

Even with cases which are ultimately approved, this initial application is often denied. Claimants, however, have the right to appeal this initial decision, and many find at this point that retaining a disability attorney in Kansas City will improve their chances of success. These initial determinations often point out weaknesses in the application which can be remedied, as when further medical opinions are requested. Qualified and experienced attorneys are also able to ensure that opinions which are submitted are framed in language such that they anticipate and meet the requirements established by the law, further increasing the likelihood of a claim being approved. Visit Grundydisabilitygroup.com for more information.

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