When Should You Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

The answer to this question is quite straight forward; any time you have suffered an injury which is the result of negligence by another entity, that entity can be a person or an agency. Most people stop considering a personal injury claim if it does not involve an automobile, but there are many other instances when a personal injury attorney in Birmingham AL should be consulted.

The question that has to be answered in the affirmative is, “is my injury the result of negligence?” If there is no appearance of negligence then it is no more than an accident, there cannot be a claim. It is a thin line and many people are not aware of exactly what constitutes negligence, this is why consulting with a personal injury attorney in Birmingham AL is important. If you are walking on a sidewalk and suddenly catch your toe in a raised paving slab and fall, breaking your arm as a result, you may consider this as just an unfortunate accident that could happen to anybody. Yes, it is most unfortunate; for the city. In a situation like this, the entity that is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in such as way that they do not pose a hazard was negligent, therefore they can be sued.

There are many instances other than a vehicle accident where negligence is the cause of injury and distress. Accidents frequently happen at work, if a guard was left off a machine and an accident happened, the employer was negligent. If you go out in the evening for a walk around the neighborhood and you are attacked and mauled by a dog, the owner of the animal was negligent. The reasons go on and on.

When you have been injured and you feel the injury is the result of negligence, once you have seen to medical attention, call a personal injury attorney in Birmingham AL. This is very important because there are important issues that need to be covered if you are to make a successful claim for compensation. The case must be brought to the court within a reasonably short window of opportunity and you must be on-guard against an insurance adjuster trying to offer you a grossly unfair settlement and demanding that you drop any further action.




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