Where Can you Find a Good Attorney Jersey City NJ?


A good attorney Jersey City NJ is one who specializes in the exact field of law you want representation in, one who has several years of experience, one who has been trained in an accredited institution, and one who commands the respect of his/her peers. Other important qualities are having a license to operate in New Jersey given by the New Jersey State Bar Association, availability of insurance, and membership to the relevant professional bodies. The lawyer should not have too much on his/her in-tray, he/she should belong to a law firm, and he/she must have a high win rate. So, where can you find an attorney who fits all these criteria?

You could find a good lawyer by visiting a leading law firm. Law firms have partners and associates who have experience in different legal fields. Law firms only hire the best associates from law schools, meaning you will get the best possible representation. Other advantages of getting a lawyer from a law firm are that you will be sure he/she will not engage in fraudulent or unscrupulous activities and you will enjoy conference facilities, libraries, paralegal service, and other facilities and services.

You could get a good attorney Jersey City NJ by checking with the New Jersey State Bar Association and other associations and professional bodies. These associations keep lists of qualified and licensed lawyers, but this option is disadvantageous in that not all licensed lawyers are competent. You could go to such bodies as the local chamber of commerce if you want a business lawyer and men’s or women’s support groups for divorce lawyers.

There are several lawyer referral services operating in the U.S. that you could visit for tips on good lawyers. A good attorney referral service will screen all attorneys carefully and list those who are qualified and experienced. This option is, however, disadvantageous in that some of these lawyer referral services charge for the service.

There are online services (lawyer directories) that help with the search for attorneys. This is a good option because you get to compare different options, meaning you are more likely to get a good attorney. Going to an online lawyer directory for your lawyer is also advantageous in that you get unparalleled convenience since you can do the search whenever you are, whenever you want, you will save money, and your anonymity is maintained.

You could read independent reviews in legal publications, both online and offline. Independent reviews are advantageous in that you will get the pros and the cons of the attorneys you are considering, meaning you will be in a good position to make an informed decision. You could ask for a portfolio from the attorney Jersey City NJ and call the past clients, you could join discussion forums, and you could get referrals from loved ones. A big no-no when searching for an attorney in New Jersey is going to the Yellow Pages.

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